Your Board of Directors for 2022

NOTE: Please do not contact the administrators for trail conditions, use the website. 

President  Vacant
First Vice Conrad Asselin
Second Vice David Young
Secrétaire Vacant
Trésorière Brian Middlemiss


Directors and Responsability

Membership Brian Middlemiss
Publicity Roslyn Carter
Security Guy Sabourin
Signs Brian Middlemiss
Machinery David Young
Groomer director David Young
Fund Raising Vacant
Relay Steve Mohr
Director Cameron Mac Laren
Director Dwayne Johnston
Director Dale Arseneault
Director Kevin Barr
Director Tony Lavryssen
Director Jason Kingsbury
Director Ralph Young
Sector Representative Mike Webb
Director Steve Lowry
Director Vacant
Director Marc Prévost
Director Vacant
Director Vacant
Director Vacant